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Copper Infused Insoles Kit


Our new Frequency Flow Copper Insoles Kits contain the very same breakthrough holographic technology found in our ready-made Insoles. But now, not only have we added Copper Frequencies to our formula, but we enable you to place each Copper charged Hologram on the Insoles that already come in your shoes, allowing you to receive the same great results as if we made them for you!

Nothing has changed about the placement of the Holograms. In each Kit you will receive the exact same number of Holograms we use to build the Insoles we mail out already put together. You will receive full instructions on how to place the holograms, according to the diagram you see on the left side of this page.

Insole Kit Single

Just remove the insoles that came with your shoes when you bought them. Then carefully peel the holograms from the backing paper, place them on the bottom of the insoles. Finally, place the insoles back in your shoes. This is exactly how we build each insole before gluing them together. Because your feet never touch the Holograms they are protected from the wear and tear of your normal activity. The frequencies from the Copper and our other proprietary frequency formulas, will penetrate through the insoles and enter your body through the Meridian points on the bottoms of your feet.

Our Holograms are very durable, but you will need to be careful removing and placing the Holograms so as not to tear them. And if you feel the holograms may need a protective covering, you can use a piece of clear packing tape, cut to fit your insole and protect each of the Holograms.

In each kit you will receive 18 holograms – 9 for each insole. The prism effect you see in the photo is light reflecting off the metallic, geometric designs that hold the frequencies in the holograms. Enjoy!


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