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Mike Flynt

Mike Flynt grew up in Odessa, Texas, graduating from Permian High School in 1966. In 1965, Mike was an all-district defensive back for the first state championship football team for the Odessa Permian Panthers, starting the winning tradition at Permian High School, and later inspiring the movie, Friday Night Lights.

Mike received his degree in physical education and business from Sul Ross State University, doing his post graduate studies in physiology of exercise at the University of Nebraska. He went on to be a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Nebraska, the University of Oregon and Texas A & M. Mike is a Certified Master of Fitness Sciences through the International Sports Sciences Association and one of the original founders of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, which has over 40,000 members worldwide.

Mike Flynt - The Senior

At age 59, he received national attention throughout the 2007 football season. With his final year of eligibility confirmed by the NCAA, Mike was able to make the team and become the oldest contributing member of a college football team in NCAA history. Mike not only made the team, but he played the last half of the season on a regular basis at linebacker and on special teams.

After completing his senior year of eligibility at Sul Ross State University, Mike returned to Franklin, Tennessee where he continues to help people of all ages live a better, more productive life through strength training and developing a more active lifestyle.

Through extensive research and his own personal experience with frequency technology, Mike discovered the amazing benefits of both the WiFi Shield and the Frequency Flow Insoles®. Those discoveries led to the creation of this website to bring these special products to you. The shields were the first item Mike learned about and it changed his life forever as it plunged him into years of research concerning the frequencies that surround us. Then when he realized the vast power of WiFi and the way these Shields could neutralize them, he knew he had to tell the world.

Then came the Insoles, and they proved themselves in a highly personal way. “Although I enjoy all types of running, I’m a sprinter more than a distance runner, and it was running sprints with the Frequency Flow Insoles that really got my attention. Not only did I not get the lactic acid burn in my legs while running sprints, but the following day there was almost zero soreness! I began to notice increased energy in my legs every time I wore the insoles and now I’m never without them. If I have shoes on, my Frequency Flow Insoles® are in those shoes.”