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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequency Flow

Frequenctly Asked Questions


What is Frequency Flow all about?

Our focus is on the newest area of health – which is energy. Our bodies internal electrical systems – which include the nervous system and the meridian system, and in fact the function of every cell – are under the stress of good and bad energy impulses everyday. There are massive amounts of electrical, WiF0i, and electro-magnetic impulses – such as microwaves – pulling on our bodies’ all the time, non-stop. Frequency Flow is dedicated to helping folks enjoy the good energies and resist the bad.

What is WiFi Frequency?

WiFi technology uses a varied range of frequencies from 800 MegaHertz (mHz) to 2200 mHz to transmit data across the air between specific devices. A MHz is a frequency of one million vibrations per second. Computers, iPads, iPods, tablets, cell phones, droids, and smart phones all fall into these massive frequency ranges. By comparison, electrical power lines and wiring in our homes operate in the 60 Hertz frequency, which is very close to the human body’s frequency.

Why should we be concerned about all these energy waves?

  1. Well, none of us would want to live inside a microwave oven — we know that would be a disaster due to the intensity of the 2.4 Billion Hz — cycles per second — frequency they emit. The WiFi we’re exposed to through all our communication devices is in the 800 MHz to 2.2 GHz range of frequencies, very close to our microwave ovens. Here’s why that’s not a good thing for our health.
  2. Our body’s cells also have a vibrational frequency but in a drastically slower range of vibration. Most healthy human cells vibrate at a frequency of 62Hz to 72 Hz (a Hz is one vibration per second). Research from around the globe has shown that the more powerful frequencies from a WiFi or microwave source have a dramatic, negative impact on our body’s cells and their ability to communicate effectively with one another.
    The source for this disruption is two-fold. First, all wireless WiFi devices put off what’s called a “near field-plume” of highly concentrated frequency for approximately one foot in all directions – like an electro-bubble around the device. This frequency plume overwhelms and disrupts our bodies’ cells and their ability to effectively communicate with each other. This is especially true in our heads as the plume of energy disrupts the barrier separating our brain from the toxins in our blood – it’s called the blood brain barrier.
    And the younger you are the less resistance you have simply because your skull has not grown to its adult thickness — which doesn’t happen until you are about 22 years old! – though that won’t stop it either.
    The second source of disruption applies specifically to cell phones. When a person speaks on their phone or sends a text message the information is “piggy-backed” or attached to another frequency. This creates a second wave or signal, which is called the Information-Carrying-Radio-Wave, or ICRW. This ICRW vibrates at a much slower frequency, down in the hertz range. In this range the ICRW is more readily recognized by our body and it is this lower hertz vibrational wave (frequency) that creates some of the greatest disruption to our body’s cells while we are actually using our cell phones.

How many WiFi devices does the average person in the USA have?

  1. Three per person, so think of the possible negative exposure we’re all putting ourselves – and our kids – under every day.
  2. But that doesn’t say anything about the millions of electromagnetic and microwave and other frequencies flowing through us everyday from other peoples’ devices, and the cell phone towers, and wireless routers, etc. We are living in a virtual sea of frequencies at all times.

What kind of research backs this up?

  1. There are literally thousands of research articles now written containing proof of the damage frequencies from our WiFi devices are having upon our health. Just Google it. And yes you will find articles stating there is no danger, but they are far outweighed by papers proving otherwise.
  2. But there have been 2 significant books written that I believe everyone should read about this problem. The first is: “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age – An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries about Cancer and Genetic Damage”. This was written by the scientist hired by the cell phone industry to prove cell phones and WiFi were safe. They proved the opposite was true, and did it over and over again in several nations at the same time over a 6 year period 1993-99. Why haven’t you heard about this? Obviously the cell phone manufacturers couldn’t let it out to the public as it would have put them all out of business due to perhaps thousands of law suits. So it was suppressed. But the evidence is real and accessible in this book.
  3. The second book: “An Electronic Silent Spring,” came out in 2014. This is a very detailed examination of the research, dangers, and practical things we can do to protect ourselves from those dangers.


My WiFi Shield

What does Frequency Flow do about this dangerous frequency issue?

Well, WiFi is here to stay, as are all electrical frequencies, so the solution isn’t about shutting them down, but instead harnessing the good while simply blocking the bad. The trade secret technology in both our products helps the body resist these bad frequencies and harnesses those good ones.

What does the WiFi Shield do?

Our WiFi Shield neutralizes the frequencies of any WiFi device where the user is concerned. The technology in the Shield is activated when the WiFi device on which the Shield is placed comes in close proximity or contact with our bodies.

How do you apply it?

The WiFi Shield should be placed under the cover of a cell phone. It’s thinner than paper so it fits under any type cover. When you put it on your laptop or other WiFi devices be sure it’s in a location where it will not be damaged or scratched. Just peel it from the protective backing and stick it on. (Please see the How To Apply The WiFi Shield video.)

Will my WiFi devices still work the same after applying the WiFi Shield?

Yes, it doesn’t block the WiFi signals, it merely stops those signals from putting stress on our body’s cells.

Does the WiFi Shield work on all WiFi devices?

All the testing we’ve completed to date confirms that the Shield does, in fact, work on any and/or all WiFi devices.

What are the tests you’ve used to prove the Shield’s effectiveness?

  1. First is Electro Dermal Screening or EDS. EDS was discovered over 60 years ago in Germany. It’s the same basic technology used for EKG’s, EEG’s, lie detectors, etc. It sends a harmless, low energy electrical signal through your body, which is then read by a computer program to show internal organ and system activity levels — such as the heart, brain, liver, immune system, etc. This allows us to see real time affects of our WiFi Shield upon our internal organs and systems. (You can see more information on our EDS Tests.)
  2. Thermography testing reveals the temperature changes of areas of the body as different colors. This is a very revealing test for showing the effects of cell phones especially — but takes a few minutes to register.
  3. The Heart Rate Variability test detects variations in our heart rates. What makes HRV so effective for our tests is the fact that it can reflect changes in stress even while other physiological parameters, like blood pressure, are still in normal or accepted ranges.
  4. We’ve also seen success testing with weight lifting and extreme exercise.

Do I need more than one WiFi Shield for bigger devices, like laptops?

No, our tests have shown one is enough. However, it will not hurt any device if you wish to place more on them.

How long does it last?

Our Shields will last for about 2 years as long as the shield is not damaged or scratched. However, most WiFi devices are upgraded within a year or less, and the average person gets a new cell phone every 6 months. That’s why we made sure our Shields are affordable for purchasing when needed. (Click HERE for pricing.)


Frequency Flow Insoles®

What is the Frequency Flow Insole?

  1. Our Insole is specially designed to fit in any shoe you wish because it’s so thin.
  2. We have incorporated the same hologram technology into our Insoles as our WiFi Shield, but its frequency application is quite different. This product is for energizing the body — particularly the legs.

How does the Insole work?

  1. On the bottom of our feet are specific endpoints of our Meridian system — which is like the printed circuit in our body that supplies every organ and system with electrical energy. Acupuncture is focused on the overall Meridian system and our technology is like Acupuncture without the needles.
  2. Our Frequency Flow Insoles® have 9 holograms placed in strategic spots to support the major Meridian points of the feet.
  3. This allows the energy in the holograms to flow with and into the Meridian system to the rest of the body, bringing better energy flow.
  4. Another key factor to success with our insoles is to drink plenty of water every day. Hydration makes everything in our bodies work at the best possible levels — including frequencies.

What testing are you performing with the Insole?

  1. Once again we turned to science. We are presently using a standard Doppler Ultrasound machine, similar to that used for pregnancies, in a hospital setting. This machine shows changes in blood flow in the body. Better circulation means more oxygen and other energy filled nutrients getting to the cells and that means better health.
  2. Using the Doppler machine we test people twice:
    i. First to gain base readings on each person without the insoles in their shoes.
    ii. And then after inserting the insoles into their shoes the 2nd reading is taken.
    iii. Virtually 100% of the time a significant increase in blood flow is seen in a matter of minutes. We’re continuing these tests to gain more empirical data.
  3. We also have many testimonies of how effective the Insoles can be (click HERE to read testimonials).

What else should we know about the Frequency Flow Insoles®?

  1. All of our Insoles are handmade. They are cut from a very special material that’s infused with silver thread for its antimicrobial activity. We cut out the insoles to each shoe size, then precisely place the holograms, then glue the top and bottom of the insoles together and package them. That’s not a small process, but it’s worth the effort to help the folks who need them.
  2. The holograms will last about 2 years, but how long the insoles will last depends on how much you wear them and especially how you wear them. Our friend who runs ultra marathons almost monthly will of course wear his out faster than a person working a desk job.

How much are the Insoles?

Well, we wrestled with that. Though it’s labor intensive and the cost of the holograms would make them over $260 if we priced them like the Shields, we decided not to do that. We feel we’ve made them as affordable as possible.

Shipping & Returns


How are the products shipped?

We ship all our products by First Class US Mail — no overnights.

What’s your return policy?

There is a 60-day 100% money back guarantee with every set of Frequency Flow Insoles®, so you’ve got nothing to lose. If you use these products for 60 days and don’t feel satisfied then send them back for a full refund.