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WiFi Shield Science

cell-phone-graphs6-13-16The charts above on the left are from the International Telecommunications Union and the charts on the right are from the US Center For Disease Control. These charts do not appear anywhere together, we have simply placed them here for your consideration and we suggest further study. We make no claims as to the actual cause and affect they might suggest, but the information is compelling.

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Peace of Mind For Your Family

The average person in America owns an average of 3 WiFi devices. From cell phones to wireless home phones to iPads,and iPods, to game consoles, and hand held video games – we are a people addicted to WiFi and that addiction is growing daily. If you are like most of us the thought that all that WiFi might be harmful is unsettling. Let us show you how to avoid those fears with our WiFi Shield that you can use on every device you own. Peace of mind is just a Shield away.

Our WiFi Shield neutralizes the frequencies of any WiFi device where the user is concerned. The technology in the Shield is activated when the WiFi device on which the Shield is placed comes in close proximity or contact with our bodies. (Please see our testing modalities under the Tests-WiFi Shields tab in the drop down menu under WiFi Shields in the menu bar)

All the testing we’ve completed to date confirms that the Shield does, in fact, work on any and/or all WiFi devices.