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Science Behind The Insoles

Frequency Flow Insoles®


Frequency Flow Insoles

Each cushioned insole has a durable nylon top cover for long-term wear and a special foam base  for your continuous comfort. The innovative foam in our insoles is  compressible, yet will not flatten permanently like many other products. This unique substance will spring back to its original thickness for years to come with regular use.

Hydration is Key

One of the best things you can do for your health is drink plenty of good water every day. And to get the optimal effectiveness from your Frequency Flow Insoles®, be sure you are doing just that. The most trusted formula for getting the hydration you need is to drink 1/2 of your weight in ounces of water each day. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds you would drink 80 ounces each day.

When the body is fully hydrated everything works better. Why? Because our bodies are about 75% liquid and water is what keeps that supply to the brim. But if you neglect to drink enough your fluid levels will drop and then the body can break down. Think of it like water in a car radiator. If you don’t have enough water the engine will overheat, damage parts, and stop. So be sure to keep your water levels up while you’re wearing your Frequency Flow Insoles® to get the best possible results!


Several thousand years ago the Chinese developed the art of acupuncture to promote natural energy flow within the body. This energy flow is still believed to be the foundation for the natural healing processes in the body. Physical disease is thought to be caused by slowed or blocked energy. But when the energy is allowed to flow freely once again, symptoms begin to normalize and healing begins.

The energy pathways through which these energies flow in the body are known as meridians. Think of meridians like a printed circuit in a computer or cell phone that electricity flows through to run the machine. (You can find maps of this circuit grid with a simple internet search by looking up “meridian map of the human body.”) These circuits are connected to all the organs, glands, muscles, cells, and tissues of the body. Found on these meridian circuits are a series of junctions or points, where energy flow can be hindered or released, sort of like a light switch. These points can be “opened” through massage, acupuncture needles, or heat application to help the flow of energy stay constant.

A water hose is a great example of a meridian energy flow. Water will flow from end to end through the hose until blocked by a kink or some other obstruction. This can either slow the flow of water or stop it completely. The kink is the point where the blockage occurs, and if we can remove it, the full amount of water flow is restored. This is what traditional acupuncture does — it releases the “kink” in the meridian circuit so the energy can flow again. This is what our holograms (embedded in the Frequency Flow Insoles®) are designed to do — but without the invasive and painful use of needles, or the direct-touch-pressure of massage, or braid range heat from an outside source. The whole idea is to open the meridians so the free flow of our natural energy can happen unhindered.

Using and measuring energy flow in the body is not new. Heart monitors and measuring brain waves are just two of the advances in this area we now take for granted that were unheard of 100 years ago. New machines for verifying the existence of these energy flows, including how to measure them, continue to come to market. M.I.T.’s SQID (Super Quantum Induction Device), and the Nuclear Magnetic Resonators (NMR) are giant leaps forward in this area. Research continues to open greater and greater revelations into how our internal energies actually work.

Safe Hologram Technology

Frequency Flow Insoles® Incorporates the breakthrough of holographic technology to help your meridian circuits allow optimal energy flow.

Each individual handmade Insole contains our proprietary holograms which are embedded with trade secret energy formulas specific to the meridian points on the bottom of our feet. Essentially, this is like acupuncture without the needles. No pain. No pressure. No heat. Nothing touches your body except the right energies that naturally assist the body to do what the body is designed to do. And because no chemicals enter your body, related side effects do not manifest. Our energy formulas remain strong and effective unless bent or cut, which is very difficult to do when the insoles are in your shoes. This means that the shelf life of Frequency Flow Insoles® is  virtually unlimited.

Remember, nothing touches you. There is no intrusive activity to force your body to do anything it isn’t doing already, just natural energies near your meridian points that your body will use to open and/or assist in the flow of your natural energy. Our insoles allow the body to create balance in such areas as discomfort relief, faster recovery from strenuous physical activity, rest, normal energy. Obviously the best way to find out just how good these insoles can make you feel is to try them yourself. The experience is immediate! You don’t need to wait days to see if you will feel a difference.