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New Copper Infused Insoles Kit

In each kit you will receive 18 holograms – 9 for each insole. The prism effect you see in the photo is light reflecting off the metallic, geometric designs that hold the frequencies in the holograms. Enjoy!!”


New! Frequency Flow
Copper Infused Insoles!
Build Your Own Copper Insoles For
Less Than ½ The Price!

Sale & Bonus!


For Each Copper Insole Kit You Purchase
You Will Receive A FREE WiFi Shield

 That’s A $39.95 Christmas Gift From Us To You!

Act now Because The Price Will Go Up After Christmas.




WiFi Shields

Our WiFi Shield neutralizes the frequencies of any WiFi device where the user is concerned.

The technology in the Shield is activated when the WiFi device on which the Shield is placed comes in close proximity (1-2 inches) or in direct contact with your body. All the testing we’ve completed to date confirms that the Shield does, in fact, work on any and/or all WiFi devices.


Frequency Flow Insoles


Please be sure to find your shoe size in the drop down box, above the Add To Cart button, marked “Click Here to Choose Size.”   Simply click on the letter that corresponds to the size you want to order, then click the Add To Cart button.  And Remember – our insoles are sized large for trimming, so if your actual shoe size is on the smaller side of a size letter, order the size below it. Example: If you wear a 9 order a size 7-8. But if you wear a 10 order the 9-10. ALSO, if you are a half size and in between the lettered sizes in the drop down box, order the smaller size. Example: If you are a 10.5 order a 9-10. 

Shipping & Returns


How are the products shipped?

We ship all our products by First Class US Mail — no overnights.

What’s your return policy?

There is a 60-day 100% money back guarantee with every set of Frequency Flow Insoles®, so you’ve got nothing to lose. If you wear them for 60 days and don’t feel satisfied then send them back for a full refund.