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Testimonials – WiFi Shields

Shield Testimonials

What others are saying about the WiFi Shield


 Dr. Shana Morris

I have spent many years being extremely sensitive to EMFs. It is so severe that it effects my daily life. I was very excited to get the opportunity to try this new technology to see if I would notice any positive results. I placed one on my cell phone and one on my cordless phone at home. I was amazed by the significant decrease in pain that I normally feel in my hand and arm when texting from my cell phone. I would say the pain has decreased by 70%!! While talking on my cell phone and cordless home phone I would say the discomfort in my head and hand has decreased by approximately 40-50%!! I have been quite pleased by the results thus far. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is concerned about decreasing the dangerous side effects of EMFs.”


David Carley

“I liked using my phone on my runs because I’m able to both listen to music and track my run on the Run keeper app. On the first run after I applied the shield I felt stronger and faster right away. And better yet, when I checked my time after finishing the 3.3 mile run my pace was 15 seconds a minute faster than usual! I decided to really test myself on my faster run a couple of days later and my pace was 20 seconds a minute faster on that 3.1 mile run! I can say that overall I feel stronger and faster than I did before using the Wifi Shield.”


June Drennon

“I met with Mike Flynt to take thermography images of people using their cell phones to determine if there was a difference when using the WiFi Shield.

“Before we started the tests he explained to me about radio frequencies, (RF’s) and how they negatively affect the body by interfering with our cell’s ability to “talk” to each other. Mike also said that this weakens the body, affecting our strength and stamina.

“One of the ways Mike was proving this point is by muscle testing, or Kinesiology. I believe this to be a valid way to test, but also know that it can be very subjective. When he offered to test me I was determined that I would not be affected, that my strength would remain the same. I was completely surprised!

“There was no denying that I did not have the same strength after talking on my phone that I use multiple times every day. It was even more surprising that after putting a WiFi Shield on my cell phone I had the same strength as before I picked up my unshielded phone. I was convinced that there was validity to his product and wanted to know more.

“For the thermography tests I first took a base line thermal reading with no exposure to cell phone frequencies. Next I took images after each subject talked on a cell phone — without the WiFi Shield — held to their ear for 3 minutes. Finally we had each subject talk for three minutes on the same cell phone with a WiFi Shield attached. The subject did not move from the testing area and the room temperature remained constant throughout the test. We repeated these same tests with over 10 subjects.

“I was surprised at the initial thermal changes that happened from the RF’s while talking on a cell phone that suggested a negative impact. All of the subjects did not respond exactly the same way. After using the cell phone without the shield most had a more heated, or inflamed thermal reaction, while some responded with less effect. After taking the images while using the phone with the WiFi Shield I was truly amazed to see the positive affect the shields made in the thermals findings. Interestingly, all were brought back to their initial baseline, or improved, after using the shield. It was very clear that we need a way to protect ourselves and that the WiFi Shield did protect us.

“Mike said not to take his word but to do your own testing, whether it is strength testing or muscle testing, anyone can see for themselves that all of our wifi devices negatively affect our health and wellbeing. Try this out for yourselves and your family.  I know you’ll be convinced that the Wifi Shields help protect us from the weakening impact of RF’s. I believe that knowledge is power and it’s important to know our risk factors so that we might make changes to protect ourselves.” 


Edward C. Mikrut — Certified Advanced IQS Technician

“Ever since learning of the dangers of EMF’s (Electromagnetic Frequencies) emitted by cell phones and especially “smart phones,” I have been very concerned for myself and my family. In my holistic health practice I have encouraged my clients to do something to minimize this stress. I recently participated in a research experiment where I measured the stress of a smart phone on the body.

“I measured these affects with the IQS Technology (Interactive Query System) which is an advanced form of Electro Dermal Screening.

“First I took a base reading of the test subject with no outside stresses, making sure they did not have a cell phone on their body.

“I then placed a smart phone on the body, but with an open call line. The smart phone stressed the body by almost 20 times in relationship to the non-stressed base reading!

“Next we placed a WiFi Shield on the phone and placed it back on the test subject’s body. The IQS noted a return to better than its base reading — virtually eliminating 100% of the stress shown by the base reading!

“We repeated the test several times and each time the results were similar. The WiFi Shield product clearly and significantly neutralized the affects of the smart cell phone when on the body. It’s my conclusion that the WiFi Shield is very helpful in reducing the stress affects of the frequencies for those who will use it.”