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Insole Testimonials

What others are saying about the Frequency Flow Insoles®

Ken Davis — Christian Comedian


“Mike, since receiving the Frequency Flow Insoles®, I have worn them whenever I am wearing shoes or footwear of any kind. The first thing I noticed was a sense of comfort. If I put on a pair of shoes that don’t have the Frequency Flow Insoles®, I am immediately aware of that. I have used the Frequency Flow Insoles for a couple of months now and it seems that the pain and numbness from my peripheral neuropathy (I have suffered with PN for 15 years) has abated significantly. I am pleased enough with the decrease in my neuropathy pain, and general overall comfort, that I plan to continue to wear the Frequency Flow Insoles® except when I am naked. By the way, I ran and walked four miles in the mountains today without the usual, significant discomfort I normally experience.


Dr. Bill Andrews — Ultra Marathon Runner

Dr. Bill Andrews

“I ran 8 miles Friday night, a half-marathon Saturday afternoon, and then a 10K race Sunday morning. In every case the previous day’s run seemed to have no negative effects on me at all during that day’s run (while wearing the Frequency Flow Insoles®.) I don’t ever remember experiencing that before. I also ran this morning (only 1.5 miles) and seemed like I was 100% recovered. I’m keeping the Frequency Flow Insoles® in until after our 50 mile race on Saturday.

“(After Saturday race) The 50 mile course was very different than in 2008 when I ran it in 12:15. I finished [this time] in 12 hours 52 minutes. But this year the course was actually 51.2 miles, not 50 miles, and the course is much tougher now with lots of real rocky terrain that you can’t run fast on even downhill. Also, it was very cold. I dressed in 5 layers of clothes. At 20 miles I decided that it was warm enough and so I took three layers off. As soon as I took most of them off I became a rocket. I was very surprised at my ability to run up hills fast. In past years I’ve always had to walk most of the hills that I was now running stronger. I have never felt that before and I strongly believe that it was because of the Frequency Flow Insoles. I plan to continue using them. By the way, when I woke up this morning I was pretty sore. But, after I put on my insoles all the pain went away!! Was that supposed to happen? Let me know when I should start endorsing them to my running friends.”

  • PhD Molecular Genetics
  • Books: Bill Andrews on Telomere Basics: Curing Aging
  • Movie: The Immortalists
  • Oldest man to run the 138 mile Himalayan Mountains ultra-marathon
  • Second place in 1997 – “National Inventor of the Year” awarded by the Intellectual Property Owners Association for discovering telomerase.


Molly Sheridan — CEO/Ultramarathoner/Author/nomad
Molly Sheridan

“I also did well at the race but I dropped down to the 50k race instead of doing the 50 miler. This 50 miler at Silver State was extremely challenging. It was amazing to watch Bill simply crush the course! I too feel that the Frequency Flow Insoles® were a plus. I never had any leg fatigue and felt that they were a huge support. I finished my event comfortably and feel really great today. I flew back from South Korea Friday, hopped off the plane and went directly to training camp. Saturday morning I woke up with tired legs and was wondering how I was going to get through 15,000 ft. of elevation gain and descent on the first 31 mile day.

“With my Frequency Flow Insoles® in my shoes I started running conservatively. My calves felt tight and my quads were sore. About 2 miles into the run I felt like my legs were warmed up and more relaxed. After a while the tiredness went away completely. I ran the first 17 miles through very rugged terrain comfortable. Then I got to Devils Thumb, which Bill and I had run approximately a month ago, before Frequency Flow Insoles. Today I had to run 17 tough miles before I even reached Devils Thumb. Devils Thumb is the toughest climb in Western States. When Bill and I climbed it a month ago it took me a full hour to get up it. After my 17 miles it took me a flat 50 minutes to climb Devils Thumb! I completely credit the Frequency Flow Insoles®. If my legs had any soreness I would have had to stop or slow down. I finished day one in great shape. No soreness and I kept my Frequency Flow Insoles® in my shoes through dinner to get any benefit I could afterwards.

“Day 2 was 19 miles of a lot of descent and climbs. I definitely could feel that my legs had worked out yesterday but they did not have that heavy feeling that I usually get after pushing it. I had a great run. I am really excited about your insoles. I was telling my crew that I think they are amazing! Thanks again and good luck on your wonderful product!”

Desert Sky Adventures

Mike Smith — Christian Artist Manager
Mike Smith

“I am a 69 year old male with a long history of diabetes. I have nerve damage in both legs due to back surgeries. I also suffer from the effects of plantar fasciitis in both feet. My legs have been extremely weak since my last back surgery 2 years ago and my feet are constantly on fire. The pain has been debilitating and no amount of exercise or medication seems to make any difference.

“A few weeks ago I placed a pair of Frequency Flow Insoles® in my shoes and the results were nothing short of miraculous! Almost immediately my foot pain disappeared and my balance has been much improved. I can’t wait to share this with my doctor!

“I have shared this great news with everyone I know who is experiencing problems with their feet and legs. I highly recommend Frequency Flow Insoles® to anyone with problems like mine and who can’t find a solution. They worked for me when nothing else would.”

Dr.Alexander Loyd — Best Selling Author
Dr. Alexander Loyd

“Mike Flynt recently introduced me to the Frequency Flow Insoles® prior to a trip I was taking to Europe. I knew I would be walking a great deal and standing for extended periods of time, as is always the case on my international trips. Mike credits me and my writings for his initial understanding of frequencies, and so he knew I would be receptive to the insoles. My experience with the insoles has been extremely positive. I noticed an immediate increase in energy in my feet and legs, and through the course of each day on my travels, the fatigue I normally experience was just not there. I strongly recommend that anyone that needs more energy and endurance in their feet and legs try the Frequency Flow Insoles®.”

Dr. Alex Loyd is the #1 Bestselling author of The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue. He has been featured live, on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and PBS News programs as an expert in healing the source issues underlying illness and disease. He was the subject of a PBS special about The Healing Codes, and healing the source of problems, vs. managing symptoms.

Dr. Loyd lectures all over the world live, on radio, internet, and TV. Dr. Loyd has a PhD in Psychology, and an ND (doctorate) in Natural medicine. His latest book to be released is Beyond Willpower.

Angela M. Rios, R.N.A. — Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Angela M. Rios, R.N.A.

“My job as an O.R. nurse requires me to stand for anywhere from 2-4 hours at a time, oftentimes more. Over the years I have developed a burning sensation along with pain and discomfort in my heels, upper calves and shins during surgeries.

“After receiving Frequency Flow Insoles® I inserted them in my athletic shoes and proceeded to the O.R. As usual, I began feeling that all too familiar pain in my heel and calves – but only in my left leg. I soon realized that, in my haste, I had only inserted the Insole in my right shoe! Later that day I had both inserts in place and noticed throughout my 12 hour shift that the pain was slowly subsiding. Since then I wear the Insoles and have not experienced any pain or discomfort in either heel or leg.

“The elimination of the pain by using Frequency Flow Insoles® has resulted in me being more focused and energized throughout my workday. Bottom line, this product works. I would highly recommend them.”

David Schwab — Real Estate Developer

“I am a 66 year old real estate developer from Nashville, TN. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes six years ago. I have experienced aggressive neuropathy in my feet every since. I started wearing the Frequency Flow Insoles® in my shoes two weeks ago. I can tell you that the neuropathy is 100% gone in my right foot and about 90% gone in my left foot.

“I am so convinced that this works that I got a set of inserts for my daughter (who has MS) and my wife (who suffers with Fibro Myalgia).
“Thank you Frequency Flow.”

Mike Evans — Coach

“I am a 58 year old male who recently reconnected with Mike Flynt. After several years of inactivity and weight gain I had developed a problem with circulation in my lower legs leading to water retention and discoloration. Even after several months of good workouts and weight loss I still had some water retention and discoloration. Mike noticed this condition and suggested a pair of his inserts. I gladly agreed. I have seen a remarkable difference in the two weeks I have worn the Frequency Flow Insoles®. Most of the swelling from water retention has been eliminated and the discoloration is already starting to break up. This has been one the greatest blessings I have received. I highly recommend this product!”

 Delanie Swanson — Realtor
Delanie Swanson

“I am a Realtor in the Nashville area and I have had two herniated discs, L4 and L5, in my back for the past seven years. I am on my feet and also lifting a lot with two young children and work. My back has hurt me so badly it’s brought me to tears at times and I’ve taken way too many Ibuprophen and different pain killers to just try to sleep at night. I am so excited about the Frequency Flow Insoles® because they are the first thing that has brought me any relief from the pain in seven years without taking some kind of drug! I now even sleep with them in a pair of socks and am getting rest for the first time in years.
“Thank you Frequency Flow Insoles®!”


Gaia Robilio — student, age 27

Gaia Robilio

“My knees and hips have almost always given me trouble. Even with the constant, nagging pain I have maintained a moderately active lifestyle. I bike, walk, work as a server in a busy restaurant, and try to keep moving every day. Since I first started using the Frequency Flow Insoles® I have seen gradual improvement in my mobility and the fluidity in my joints. In the past I would require a couple days of rest after strenuous physical activity, but this product has cut my recovery time and overall pain by half, at the very least. I am very thankful for the stark improvement I have experienced in my life from such a simple, drug-free, and elegant solution.”


 Larry Card — International Banker

“I am a 77 year old former athlete having played both basketball and baseball for many years. At the age of 42 I developed GOUT in both my feet, which is extremely painful. Due to the pain in my feet and knees even walking became an embarrassing chore. I shared my condition with Mike Flynt and he advised me to purchase his Frequency Flow Insoles® and I am so glad that I did! The relief was immediate and I have been walking without any pain whatsoever in my feet and knees. Being pain free is wonderful and I just feel better all over now that my feet and knees are no longer hurting. I strongly recommend the Frequency Flow Insoles® to anyone that suffers from pain in their feet and legs.

Randy Wilson — Financial Planner

Randy Wilson

“I just wanted to let you know about my recent experience with the Frequency Flow Insoles®. As you know I have been wearing the Frequency Flow Insoles® since late February of this year, and I guess I became accustomed to not experiencing pain in my left knee. I stopped wearing my Frequency Flow Insoles® for a week because I started using different shoes. My left knee became very stiff and difficult to move without significant pain. I once again started thinking about having knee replacement. But then I started wearing my Frequency Flow Insoles® again and within a day the stiffness and pain in my knee had left me. I didn’t do anything different, no drugs, no aspirin, no Tylenol. The only thing I can attribute it to is the Frequency Flow Insoles®. I can’t imagine being without them!”


Skip Decker — Williamson County Schools

Skip Decker

“I have been wearing the Frequency Flow Insoles® and my knee has not bothered me since I have worn them. I can also feel the difference in my legs and feet; they are not as tired and sore at the end of the day.

“I wore them to work outside in the yard for the first time Saturday and I could really tell the difference! I will continue to wear them on a regular basis. I think they are great!”


Jeanean Decker — Children’s Ministry
Jeanean Decker

“Although I don’t have pain or discomfort in my feet or legs, when I wear the Frequency Flow Insoles® I have more energy in my legs. When I don’t wear them my legs are heavy and it is very difficult to go up stairs. When I wear them the steps aren’t a problem at all!”


Dave D. Hohenstern — RetiredTeacher

Dave Hohenstern

“I am a 69 year old retired Educator. Over a period of years starting in 1992 I have suffered through three total knee replacements, on the same knee. During this same time period, I have endured through chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and a major Saddle Pulmonary Embolism. Due to these medical conditions I have had years of  treatments and long periods of limited mobility. Because of the limited use of my legs, I have been unable to rehabilitate fully and my ability to stand or walk (even short distances) has been hindered due to lack of strength and oppressive pain in my knee.

“I was SO excited when Mike Flynt explained the benefits of trying the Frequency Flow Insoles®. The very first day I used the Frequency Flow Insoles®, I was able to stand on a concrete surface for almost 2 hours without feeling pain or fatigued! That is the first time I have been able to do that in over three years! I have started walking over 100 yards at a time, without my legs (especially the left knee) feeling fatigued and painful. I am so excited about the potential I now have to regain my mobility.

“Your health history may not be as extensive as mine; however I recommend these Insoles to anyone and everyone. No matter your level of activity, you will feel the difference! The Frequency Flow Insoles® have been a God-send to me! I hope you will be blessed by them as well!”

William Hernandez

William Hernandez

“I am 63 years old and I was diagnosed 7 years ago with Type 2 diabetes. I have suffered from lower leg and foot pain and a continuous cramp on the bottom of my left foot. I work as a senior tech for a cable company so I am on my feet all day.

“When I first started wearing my Frequency Flow Insoles®, my feet just tingled for a couple of days and then the pain started to subside. After one week I am able to work all day, on my feet, without having the sharp pains I once had and the constant cramp under my left foot. All of that is now gone! After three weeks of wearing my Frequency Flow Insoles, I no longer come home limping. I’m truly grateful for my Frequency Flow Insoles®!”

 Ron Carter

“I tore a calf muscle really bad, still not exactly sure how, the pain was at about a 9 and every step hurt. I put on my shoes with the Frequency Flow Insoles® and within 2 hours the pain had gone down to about a level 2. Tonight I walked about 3/4 of a mile with no pain at all. The Frequency Flow Insoles® enable you to continue to exercise thru possible derailments and keep the circulation going that enables you to heal. Thanks for your amazing product!!”

 Toyah Taylor

Toyah Taylor

“I know Mike personally — he knew that I was having a great deal of pain and poor circulation in my feet due to my heart surgery and other cardio related health problems. My feet hurt me so much that I could hardly stand or walk for over a few minutes at a time. I was skeptical when I first received my Frequency Flow Insoles® because I have tried everything on the market and nothing has helped me. I put the Frequency Flow Insoles® in my boots and it helped right away. I started wearing them in all my shoes and by the end of the first week the pain was gone! My feet and legs are doing really well. I’m no longer in pain and my skin color is improving. I highly recommend Frequency Flow Insoles® for everyone.”


 Dr. Bill Greenman — Author, Speaker, Ph.D. in Theology

Dr. Greenman is a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Communications. He also received a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical studies, a Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry, an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity, as well as an earned Ph.D. in Practical Theology.

Dr. Greenman is a seminar and conference speaker, having spoken across North America, Europe, Great Britain, Africa, and Australia. He has authored over a dozen books, CD’s, video training series, live seminars, numerous study guides, and a university level course now in use on over 100 campuses around the world through. He was a professional trapeze artist for 17 years, owned his own circus for 11 years, and received his 2nd degree Black Belt in martial arts at the age of 54.

Mike Flynt — Author, Speaker, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mike’s story drew attention nationwide during and after his return to play football at the age of 59. He has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, ESPN’s Jim Rome is Burning, NBC’s Inside Edition, NBC Nightly News, FOX News, CNN, The 700 Club, The Crystal Cathedral, The Joni Show and Celebration. Mike’s story has also been featured in Sports Illustrated, AARP, Texas Monthly, U.S. News and World Report, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and he was chosen as one of the Top 100 Sports Stories of the Year by ESPN The Magazine.

Additionally, Mike’s story was read into the Congressional Record of the United States Congress and he was formally recognized by Rick Perry, Governor of the State of Texas, when he returned to play. He has two published books, The Senior and The Powerbased Life and is a motivational/inspirational speaker at many varied venues across the nation.