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Tests – Insoles

Our Scientific Tests

It’s not enough to just say you have something unique and needed – you have to prove it. We decided that we didn’t want to bring this technology to market without solid evidence that you could use to make an educated decision about buying it or not. We want to show in various ways how our Insoles and Shields positively protect and strengthen the body.
We use several completely different science-based testing modalities to test our product technology. And we’ve had amazingly similar results across all modalities. We are continually testing in order to build a data base for each modality that is unrivaled in our industry. We‘re far from done as we will continue to add more and more scientific data to this site by using more and more proven testing methods.

Frequency Flow Insoles®

Doppler Ultrasound

We are presently using a standard Doppler Ultrasound machine in a hospital setting. This machine shows changes in blood flow in the body. Better circulation means more oxygen and other energy filled nutrients getting to the cells and that means better health.
Using the Doppler machine we test people twice:
  • To gain base readings on each person without the insoles in their shoes.
  • After inserting the insoles into their shoes the 2nd reading is taken.
Virtually 100% of the time a significant increase in blood flow is seen in a matter of minutes. We’re continuing these tests to gain more empirical data. We also have many testimonies of how effective the insoles can be, listed on this website.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability

The Heart Rate Variability test detects variations in our heart rates in milliseconds. What makes HRV so effective for our tests is the fact that it can reflect changes in stress even while other physiological parameters, like blood pressure and heart beat rate are still in normal or accepted ranges, or remain unchanged.
The HRV tests we have performed to date have consistently shown a definite increase in the variations of the heart rate when exposed to raw WiFi technology. This stress is consistently eliminated, however, when either our Shield or our Insoles are worn by the individuals tested.