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Tests-WiFi Shields

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability

The Heart Rate Variability test detects variations in our heart rates in milliseconds. What makes HRV so effective for our tests is the fact that it can reflect changes in stress even while other physiological parameters, like blood pressure and heart beat rate are still in normal or accepted ranges, or remain unchanged.

The HRV tests we have performed to date have consistently shown definite dramatic changes in the variations of the heart rate when exposed to raw WiFi technology. This stress is consistently changed, however, when either our Shield or our Insoles are worn by the individuals tested.

Thermography Tests

As you will see, each of our subjects was tested with a cell phone held to their ear for just 3 minutes — once with no protection and once with a WiFi Shield. In each case the phone without the Shield increased the temperature of the subject’s head and neck within that 3 minutes. And also in each case holding the phone with a WiFi Shield to their ear reduced the temperature of the head and neck.

It has been thought that such heating of the head by cell phones was caused by battery heat, microwaves, or electromagnetic frequencies. It’s possible that a great deal of that heat is being caused by lower radio frequencies such as those neutralized by the WiFi Shield.

However, until there is conclusive testing done to show which frequencies are in play this much is certain — the WiFi Shield seems to be involved in negating the heating affects from whichever frequencies are involved.


Mike unshielded 3-minutesMike unshielded 3-minutesMike unshielded 3-minutes

Mike with Unshielded Phone — 3-minutes

Mike shielded 3-minutesMike shielded 3-minutesMike shielded 3-minutes

Mike with Shielded Phone — 3-minutes


Bill unshielded 3-minutesBill unshielded 3-minutesBill unshielded 3-minutes
Bill with Unshielded Phone — 3-minutes
Bill shielded 3-minutesBill shielded 3-minutesBill shielded 3-minutes

Bill with Shielded Phone — 3-minutes


Donita unshielded 3-minutesDonita unshielded 3-minutesDonita unshielded 3-minutes
Donita with Unshielded Phone — 3-minutes
Donita Shielded Phone 3-minutesDonita Shielded Phone 3-minutesDonita with Shielded Phone - 3-minutes

Donita with Shielded Phone — 3-minutes


Melissa no phoneMelissa no phoneMelissa no phone

Melissa – No Phone

Melissa shielded 3-minutesMelissa shielded 3-minutesMelissa shielded 3-minutes

Melissa with Shielded Phone — 3-minutes


Here are some links you may want to check out to understand just how accurate and common place the use of such imaging is in military, medical, and industrial realms:







Electro Dermal Screening

Electro Dermal Screening, or EDS, was discovered over 60 years ago in Germany. It’s the same basic technology used for EKG’s, EEG’s, lie detectors, etc., using contact with the skin to read the body’s electrical activity. It sends a harmless, low energy electrical signal through your body, which is then read by a computer program to show internal organ and system activity levels – such as the heart, brain, liver, immune system, etc. However, our intention is only to read the stress levels placed upon the body by WIFi frequencies and then the abating of that stress when our technology is applied. It continues to prove both.

As you can see in the videos below, across several subjects the results were very close to the same. Each person was given a base reading with no cell phone, then one with a cell phone without a WiFi Shield, and then a reading with a WiFi Shield on the cell phone. The results were dramatically consistent. And due to the lack of a practitioner being involved in anything more than reading the computer screen after each section of a test, we felt this particular device was the most practical.

While this is obviously not a clinical study it does seem to indicate that the use of a WiFi Shield has positive implications within minutes of use, and that the lack of a WiFi Shield may have unwanted results.


NOTE: A search of the internet will show many sites both for and against Electro Dermal Screening. Those who are prone to alternative health practices will find the positive sites enlightening and those who lean toward a more medical-based practice will find those sites against it in line with their thinking. We have spoken with both trained practitioners of the EDS equipment as well as clients, who all claim to have greatly benefited from its use. However, we will stand neutral in this debate.


The following tests were performed using a cradle type EDS machine. This allows the practitioner to be totally objective. The computer does the reading and the practitioner merely explains the data. We felt this was more accurate for our study.

Jennifer’s Vitae

Mike Flynt

Jennifer Explains Mike’s Test





Physical Tests

We invited top physical trainers and strength coaches to test our WiFi Shield technology for themselves. We did not inform them of the technology before the tests, nor did they know when they had the Shield on the phone that we gave them.

We were consistent in that we always took a base check of their strength with a certain exercise, followed by a phone without a shield, then finished with a phone with a shield.

As anyone who has ever worked with weights and other exercises knows – your 3rd set is always the weakest due to your fatigue levels from the first 2 sets. We found, however, that across the board, no matter the person or the exercise, the 3rd set was as good as and often better than the 2nd and sometimes even better than the first! For an athlete this is not only unheard of, but it gives the hope of more reps per set and other strength related issues when a Shield is on whatever listening device they wear while working out.


In this example you will hear Mike Flynt refer to the third set as having ”the chip” on the phone. He is referring to the WiFi Shield. The first set was with a phone that was turned off. The second set was with a phone in “call” mode. The third set was the same phone in call mode but with a Shield. The test subject did not know what phone was in his backpack during all 3 tests.

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